About Us

What is H2O? What can it provide for me?

  • H2O is a multi-cultural, volunteer social group for people with Herpes and/or HPV.
  • H2O offers great people spending time together at fun events!
  • H2O can provide friendship and support from others with Herpes/HPV.
  • H2O activities are a safe environment for meeting lots of great people "in the same boat".
  • H2O activities are “different from the routine”.

How H2O works?

H2O is run by volunteers, and that includes YOU! Any registered member is welcome to host an event:

  • Go to the Event Calendar, and enter Name of Event, date, time, location, and details about event.
  • An Admin will send an email to all registered members, notifying them of your event!
  • Host provides blue balloons to allow people to discretely identify the group.
  • At larger events, you may notice that donations are collected.
  • Donations are allocated for website domain name, maintenance, and hosting expenses, and other event expenses. Some of the larger events have entry fees to help offset our overhead.

How to Participate?

  • Create an account on this website to receive emails about upcoming events automatically.
  • Attend activities as frequently as you can!
  • Suggest and/or host an event.
  • Make a small donation of two or three dollars at each event you attend or use the donate feature on this website.
  • RSVP for restaurant activities. This helps us inform the restaurant of the number of people to expect (leave a message that you’re attending by calling or emailing the event host).