Video Poker bonuses explainer

Video poker is one of the most exciting online casino games that you can play. You can enjoy this game just for fun or play it for money. There are several sites where you can play video poker, and one of them is https://www.online-casinocanada.com/ . Before you play this beautiful game, it would be better to understand its bonuses.

Welcome Bonus Offer

Most online casinos roll out exciting Welcome Bonus offers to their new players. These offers comprise a Deposit or a No Deposit Bonus. Sometimes, your Welcome Bonus offer may include Free Spins. You receive a Deposit Bonus when you make your first deposit with your new casino. This bonus could match your deposit amount or exceed it.

Suppose you deposit $100 with your casino. It might award you a bonus of the same amount or give you $200 as a bonus. When you make a fresh deposit, the bonus amount may match your 2nd deposit or again exceed it. There is a limit to which your casino pays you the bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Your video poker casino can even award you a bonus even when you don't make any deposit. This free bonus is also called a No Deposit Bonus and is smaller than the one we discussed above. No Deposit Bonuses are usually smaller in amount than the Deposit based ones, and come with several conditions.

Other ways of receiving No Deposit Bonuses

Sometimes you receive these bonuses by just liking the social media pages of casinos. You might receive them also through referral codes sent to you by your friends. Many marketing companies offer these bonuses to their customers by tying up with casinos. You can also get these bonuses by signing up to a mailer list.

Bonuses for loyal and VIP players

Some bonuses are exclusively for loyal players of that casino. A loyal player is one who sticks around with his gambling site for many years. This loyalty bonus includes special and exclusive bonuses and offer and a dedicated relationship manager. This manager helps his clients derive more value from the online casino.

High Roller Bonuses

If you are a High Roller, i.e. a player who bets very high amounts of money, you might not be interested in standard bonuses. So for you, the casino might roll out a special bonus that whets your appetite for risk. The bigger the risk, bigger is the reward for the high roller.

Other video poker bonuses

Thankfully, there are other bonuses that can come to you. Your online casino will offer monthly or seasonal bonuses on video poker and other games, keep an eye on these promotions. If you sign up with your casino after visiting a specific site, then too you might get a special bonus. Things don't stop here.

Many online casinos promote some payment gateways by launching payments related bonuses. So for example, when you make your fist deposit in your PayPal or Skrill account, you might receive a special video poker bonus. Players who regularly top up their online casino deposits might receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly reload bonuses.

Video poker terms and conditions

First of all, video poker bonuses ae never awarded to underage players. Secondly, you can't transfer or gift your bonus to someone else; bonuses are non-transferable. Every bonus that you receive has a shelf value. It has to be spent within a week, fortnight or a month, else it lapses. Read the bonus terms and conditions.

Wagering Requirements of video poker bonuses

Video poker bonuses come with wagering requirements. This means you have to wager a certain amount in order to use your bonus. This wager could be x2, x3, x4 of your bonus amount. Suppose you receive $100 as your bonus, so you need to wager $200 or more ( check bonus rules) to use your Deposit or No Deposit Bonus.